Money Saving Solutions for Students

It’s coming towards the end of January, which means you’ve officially survived Freshers! From learning how to use a washing machine for the first time, to deciphering which 9am lectures you can actually sleep through without getting into trouble, we’re sure your time at University so far will have been unforgettable to say the least.


As the excitement of the first few months at university draws to a close, you may find yourself strapped for cash. Well, fear not students, Interletz are here to help! We’ve racked our brains and compiled the ultimate guide to money saving solutions for students, which means YOU have more cash for those all important £1 Jagerbombs from Kasbah.


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Travel Cheaply


  • Leave that car at home! What with the added costs of petrol, permits and expensive parking fees, it’s much cheaper (and healthier too!) to whip that bike out instead or even to start walking as much as possible. Ubers are a great option too, just don’t forget to split-fare with everyone else!
  • Splitting train tickets: If you can’t scrounge a lift from a parent or friend and end up needing to pay for a train ticket home, why don’t you try splitting the tickets? Did you know by buying separate tickets to each individual station within your journey, as opposed to buying one ticket for the entire journey, you can ride the same train but often cut the fare down substantially? It’s completely allowed, so long as the train calls at the stations you’ve bought tickets for. TicketySplit is great for helping you find great deals when splitting train tickets!
  • Similarly, it’s very often cheaper to buy two single tickets as opposed to one return ticket so make sure you have a look online first!
  • If you find that you’re missing home a lot, a season ticket may the way to go! This will save you a lot of money in the long run, and if you still haven’t managed to conquer the washing machine yet, it means you can get still get your dirty laundry washed and dried at home by mum – win-win!
  • Calling all Postgraduate Students! Did you know you could still keep using your 16-25 railcard even after you’ve turned 26? All you have to do is buy a three-year railcard one day before your 24th birthday, or a one-year railcard a day before your 26th to keep saving money until you turn 27! Frankly, we can’t think of a better birthday way to celebrate your birthday
  • Timing is everything, especially when it comes to purchasing train tickets. The best time to start looking for cheaper advance tickets is around 10-12 weeks before your actual journey!
  • Megatrain allows you to travel for massively cheap prices! With bus and train journeys from Coventry-London starting at just £2, this is a great way to travel on a budget!
  • Finally, check out Cheap Trains and Coaches for massive train and bus ticket price reductions across the UK when seats haven’t been filled!

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