Recycle Your Spare Time into Money

What is This?

Do you know any students who are looking for a property in the Coventry and Warwick areas?  We are offering £20 to any student who refers another student to our lettings agency, and £20 to anyone who refers a Landlord to us.

After three successful referrals, you will start earning even more money per referral to us! And if you are doing really well, there is even an opportunity for a career with us here at Interletz, with a starting salary and earnings that will put you ahead of the pack!

Why Are we Offering this Deal?

We are a relatively new lettings agency but with over 40 years of combined experience in multi occupancy student property lettings. Our agency is an innovative high tech firm with a pioneering mission to use the latest technology and tools in order to place tenants as easily and efficiently as possible.

Because of this, one of our current aims is to get our name out to as many students in the Coventry and Warwick regions as possible so that they can experience our fantastic customer service first hand. This is where you come in.

At Interletz we want to create a virtuous circle where we reward you for helping us to place students in high quality accommodation. This creates a fantastic opportunity for you to make real money and get great experience with a forward looking company whilst still at your place of study.

So how exactly does this work?

It’s as easy as sharing a post about us to your friends on Facebook or Instagram, or spreading our name through word of mouth. You can also gather details of students from our very own app! We’ll handle all of the viewings, you just make the contacts!

All you have to do is tell as many of your university friends about us as possible, simply asking them to quote your name and contact details if they decide to get in contact with us. Once we’ve shown them around our fantastic properties, if they decide to go ahead and sign with us for a tenancy we’ll get in touch to transfer you £20. You’ll be racking up work experience with a progressive company whilst still studying, which will look great on your CV!

Are there any Terms and Conditions?

The offer awards you £20 per every successful property referral, rather than per every successful tenant referred to us. This means if you refer a group of friends who go on to sign one of our properties, you will get paid £20 as one property has been signed for.

However, there are no limitations to how many successful referrals you can get rewarded for. The more properties we rent out through your referrals, the more money in your pocket - it’s as simple as that!

Is there an opportunity to earn EVEN MORE money?

Absolutely!  Once you have helped us with THREE successful property referrals, not only will you have pocketed yourself a cool £60 but we will also promote you to be one of our Interletz ambassadors where you will earn even more money per successful referral!

Furthermore, if you are performing well with obtaining successful tenancy referrals, there is even an opportunity for a career with us here at Interletz, where we can train you to provide property viewings for our potential student tenants. This is a fantastic opportunity for students who would like a stable financial income whilst still managing busy university life!

So what are you waiting for?! Start spreading the word to all of your friends and begin earning that money!


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